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If you don't have Scrivener and would like to try, just click above link for a FREE trial

If there is one piece of advice I can think of before anything else to do with writing, it would be this; be prepared from the very beginning. And for me that has to start with a writing platform. Gone, for most of us, are the days of typewriters and notebooks, now we have netbooks and laptops, pcís and MacBooks. However, whatever you decide to write on, you will need some kind of word processor with which to do your work. For many years for me that was Microsoft Word and it still is for a great many people, but as a serious writer who needs to be able to work fast, it just doesnít deliver enough, not in this day and age.

The only writing software I use for everything I write, novels, blogs, short stories and more, is Scrivener. Now, many people have downloaded the free trial or even purchased it, tried it for a day or two and then gone straight back to Word or similar. The reason for this is Scriveners steep learning curve, it can feel like learning to fly an aircraft, Iím joking, but easy it certainly isnít.  

I loved Scrivener from the very first time I used it, however, that being said, I couldnít use it very well, a year or so on and I was still only beginning to scratch the surface with it. I ended up doing something which many Scrivener users admit to doing, that is using it to do so many things and copying and pasting in and out of it to other programs, in order to do the whole job of writing a book.

I was using Scrivener and MS Word and considered that would be it, after all, I had managed to produce three Kindle books by using this process, so why not continue. That was until I came across a mention of the course I link to below, on a fantastic author website called Creative Penn, this is operated and run by New York Times Best Selling Author Joanna Penn, known to her fiction fan base as JF Penn. Joanna mentioned that she had recently taken a Scrivener course and said that she had learned so much, even after using Scriver for many years herself. That was enough for me and I had to looking into Joseph Michaelís course Learn Scrivener Fast.

Like many people these days, I feel jaded by so many empty promises and overwhelmed by the endless marketing ploys used to separate us from our hard earned cash. But, I was surprised to see just how different his course and in fact his whole ethical way of working is. I have learned so much in such a short time doing this course, that itís incredible. I can honestly say that I learned about ten things during the first half hour. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve the way they write and the speed of their writing output. Don't take my word for it check out this wonderful full video course, I'm so glad that I did. Scrivener is a fabulas tool, but at times it can be a confusing pain, because of its complexity. 

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