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​​​​​​​PR Hilton trained as a journalist with trainer and top blogger Cleland Thom, and holds diplomas in Freelance Journalism, Investigative Journalism and Opinion Writing & Reviewing.

                                                                                    - A community for those who have been touched by hearing loss.
Phil has hearing loss and tinnitus and wears two hearing aids. As a Phonak hEARo he is a regular contributor to the website blog, recently voted #1 deaf and hearing loss blog by, and is passionate about wearing his hearing aids with pride.
As a writer, Philip has written for magazines, both print as well as electronic, for the stage and BBC Radio and for numerous websites.
Originally coming from an entertainment background, having been an actor, musician, comedian, magician, director and producer, he understands both the light and shade of the human condition.
Growing up the son of an infamous father also gave him insights, which he has channelled into the Harry Royle Books. Researching and writing these books has given Philip not only more of an insight into his own fatherís life and times but has also brought a deeper understanding of his own father-son relationship.
Soon to be published 
A Mission Too Far - Book 3 in The Harry Royle Trilogy.
Philip is currently working on A Mission Too Far, which will be the concluding book in The Harry Royle Trilogy, as well as a second volume of short stories, Hobbsley's Secrets. Both books are coming Autumn 2017.
He is also a Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Practitioner and a Holistic Life Coach and Shamanic Therapist at Good Vibes Holistic Therapies.
He lives on The North Yorkshire Coast with his Wife Raine and their three children.


Philip Hilton in some of his stage productions.


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