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About Philip

35 Years in the entertainment industry
Philip Richard Hilton has been perfoming in many different genres since the 1980s, when he began as a lead guitarist in the bands Jeepster, Skyclad, Export 3.1 and Pink Electric Chicken. After six long years of playing gigs and nearly becoming famous, it was time for a change. Next came a drama course and an unexpected career change as one half of a comedy duo. Appearing both as the character and legend Oliver Hardy, as well as himself, the duo toured across the Uk, even performing for comedy great Ernie Wise.
More training and another swift career move
sent him to a career on the stage playing a wide selection of both leads and character parts. More workshops both learned as well as taught. Working as writer and producer Philip brought his own full length fantasy costume drama The Strange And Wondrous Garden to the stage. At this time he also worked with BBC Radio 4 Woman's how for a live production of his short costume play Never Take A Woman For Granted, which took part in Manchester's Albert Square.

Much later and after a brief hiatus he once again changed direction becoming a magician and illusionist. As a magician Philip appeared on stage, as well as performing for private functions. The highlight was performing at a Royal Event. The Great yorkshire Show, with Prince Charles in attendance. 
In recent years much time has been spent working as a journalist and writer, as well as a deaf activist. Recently a move into Voice Over has brought a welcome return to the 1001 characters, sounds and voices every experienced actor aquires over the years.