About Me-PR Hilton - Writer/Blogger for Hire

About Me

My word is your bond

Hi, Iím Philip Hilton and, Iím a freelance writer for hire.

I spent time, hard work and a lot of effort learning to craft compelling copy, so you donít have to.

Thatís right, I can save you time and effort and, whatís more, I can deliver it not only on time, but just the way you like it.

I can give you the results you need and in the process save you the bother and money, all while offering you the following;

  • Well crafted attention grabbing copy, which is guaranteed to keep people reading and, wanting more.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Copy written with an eye to marketing and PR strategies, where appropriate.
  • My blog content is search engine and social media friendly

  • It has taken a lifetime of experiences, training, soft times and hard knocks to create the person I am today and, that is why you will not find another writer with my voice or abilities anywhere.

Whatís it like working with me?

I come from a journalistic background,, so you are in safe hands. I also know enough about marketing and PR to understand your needs and aspirations.

Iím hard working, always stick to guidelines and guarantee to always bring work in on time.

Iím a great communicator and am happy to meet you more than halfway.

Iím very flexible and enjoy a relaxed manner when dealing with people. I spent twenty five years working in the entertainment industry, so you could say that Iím something of a people person.

Hereís a few fun facts about me

I enjoy reading comic books, so long as theyíre old school Marvel and DC.

Iím a huge Kate Bush fan and got to meet her when I was 17.

I once worked as a stand-up comedian, playing many comedy clubs.

Iím a vegetarian and my favourite meals are Indian and Mexican.

I love Rooibos tea and canít get enough of the stuff, especially Early Grey.