Comedy-Philip Richard Hilton Actor

Something Funny This Way Comes

Comedy DNA
You can be taught to tell jokes, but you can never learn to be funny. Comedy is about instinct, it's about knowing a thing is funny, even if you can't say why. I've been writing comedy scripts, stories and sketches longer than I can remember. I guess you could say that my default state is funny. I tend to see the funny side of most things. My greatest skill is observational comedy, being able to look at the everyday situations and see the humour in them. I have written a pilot for a sitcom, Under The Same Sun and also a radio play, Bingo.  I once successfully audition as a Redcoat Entertainer at Butlins. I also have a wealth of comedic voices and accents. My own brand of comedy would be somethnig in the region of Alan Ayckbourn meets Peter Kay at Roald Dahl's house to binge watch Monty Python.
Professional Clown
Some things you can learn, where comedy is concerned and clowning is definitely one of them. Most people learn from courses, however, I learned the hard way, as one half of a comedy team We portrayed Laurel and Hardy and perfected our parts by sheer hard work, a few bruises, we did use real banana skins and attention to detail. We also watched far too much of the wonderful exploits of Stan and Ollie. I have appeared in many different types of venue and performance arena, from carnivals to comedy clubs and even once had the pleasure of performing the dance from the film Way Out West at Ernie Wise's birthday party, also presenting him the cake and almost crowning him with it, well, almost.